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Please note bookings with the wood fired hot tub are associated with the woodland cabins and Robins Retreat Shepherds Hut only, and are a minimum 2 nights throughout the year.

Each woodland cabin sleeps up to 4 people with a double bed on the mezzanine and a comfy double sofa bed downstairs.

Each Shepherds Hut sleeps 2 people with a king-size bed.

  • Woodland Cabins: Late check out of midday/early check in of 13:30 each £15 (subject to availability). Usual check in 3pm and check out by 10.30am
  • Shepherds Huts: Late check out of midday/early check in of 14:30 each £15 (subject to availability). Usual check in 4pm and check out by 11.00am

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Reservations for accommodation by guests (the Guest) are accepted by Alfriston Woodland Cabins (the Owner), or other nominated parties on their behalf (Agent).

The Agreement: The agreement is between the Guest and the Owner. The contract is deemed to have been made once the Guest has paid a deposit to the Owner, or for non-direct bookings, the Agent has dispatched a confirmation of booking, on behalf of the Owner. The Guest must be over 18 years of age at the time of booking.

Booking: The Guest who makes the booking is deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions will be responsible for all persons included in the booking and should ensure that they are all aware of these Terms & Conditions. Please note – everyone occupying the Property (staying overnight) must be listed on booking information details, including children. The Owner or the Agent reserves the right to decline any booking or refuse to hand over a key to any person who has not complied with these Terms & Conditions.

The hot tub is strictly for a minimum of 2 night stays or more, no exceptions.

Payment: Agent bookings terms can be found on their associated websites. For direct bookings of 1 night we require full payment. For longer bookings we require £150 deposit for the cabins/ £100 for the Shepherds Huts and the balance 1 calendar month before arrival. For bookings made less than 1 month before arrival, the total amount is payable in full on booking.

For direct bookings the Guest agrees to pay the balance of the payment One calendar month before the holiday is due to start. Email reminders are sent, but delivery cannot be guaranteed. Where a Guest fails to pay their balance by the due date the booking may be cancelled and the deposit retained.

The Guest will be responsible for the total rental price of the Property. The current rental rates for the Property are set out on our website. The Owners reserve the right, at any time before a booking is confirmed to amend the rental rates applicable to the Property. Once the booking has been confirmed, the cost of the rental will be fixed subject only to change in the rental cost, in the sole discretion of the Owners where a clear error has been made.

Cleaning: The Guest is responsible for leaving the accommodation in good order and in a clean condition; otherwise a separate cleaning charge may be levied. Please note that the expectation is that Guests are expected to leave the property in a similar state to which they find it (reasonable cleaning excepted). Please abide by this so we can continue to provide good value for Guests.

Number of People using Holiday Accommodation: The Owner permits the Guest and members of the Guest’s party (but no one else) to occupy the property for holiday purposes only. The Guest must declare the correct number of Guests during booking and, if this changes, must inform the Owner or Agent before the rental commences of any change. No more than the maximum number of persons stated on the website may occupy a property unless by prior written agreement with the Owner. Extra charges may be applicable if the number of Guests differs from the number on the booking. Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by parents or responsible adults. Permission must be obtained in writing from the Owners if persons not listed at the time of booking are to visit the property and use the facilities – at no time can these guests stay overnight at the Property. The Owners reserve the right to refuse admittance if these conditions are not met. Failure to comply will render the booking void, with a requirement to vacate the property immediately, no compensation will be paid, and the security deposit will be forfeited. The Property cannot be shared or sub-let without the express consent of the Owners and only the persons named are permitted to stay in the Property.

This extends to use of the facilities such as the hot tub. The number of people, 4 for comfort, should not be exceeded and care taken at all times in line with the hot tub specific guides.

Shepherds Huts: The accommodation is strictly for 2 persons and a maximum of one small/medium well behaved dog. The facilities at the woodland cabins and the Shepherds Hut(s) are not shared. The owners garden area must not be used by guests, and any notices should be adhered to. Please be respectful of the apple orchard.

Arrival/Departure: The properties (unless otherwise stated in the property details) are available for occupation as follows:

Woodland Cabins: from 3.00 pm on the first day of the holiday and must be vacated by 10.30 am on the last day. The maximum holiday period for any booking is 28 consecutive days, subject to availability.

Shepherds Huts: from 4.00 pm on the first day of the holiday and must be vacated by 11.00 am on the last day. The maximum holiday period for any booking is 28 consecutive days, subject to availability.

Cancellation or Changes by the Guest: Once the holiday is booked the Guest has entered into a legally binding contract. If the Guest cancels, for whatever reason (including medical and weather related) then no refund of the deposit will be due, and within 1 calendar month of the holiday no refund of the full balance is due for direct bookings. Please refer to your booking Agent if bookings are not made directly. The owners appreciate there may be Coronavirus exceptions where government restrictions are in place which makes it unlawful to travel. Where there are cases such as self isolation or nervousness to travel we will look to try to reschedule wherever possible, but this cannot be guaranteed. This may be subject to an additional charge if the rescheduled dates are more expensive, as well as an administration charge of £30. We would always suggest guests take out holiday insurance at the point of booking to cover all eventualities.

If you need to change your booking after confirmation you must email as soon as possible, and at all times prior to your stay, and we will try to meet your requirements wherever possible. If you add people to your booking, they are added on the understanding that they have accepted these terms and conditions. The Owners reserve the right to charge cancellation fees if the number of nights booked is reduced or dates are changed. We will issue a revised booking email to confirm your changes.

It is the responsibility of the Guest to ensure the cancellation email reaches the Owners. If the cancellation is less than 2 weeks prior to the arrival date the full balance remains payable. The Owners reserve the right to cancel any bookings providing e-mail notification is given and any balance paid is refunded unless the reason for cancellation is failure to pay the final balance.

It is recommended and expected that the Guest will have or will take out a holiday insurance policy (which includes cancellation insurance covering sickness and unavoidable reasons for cancellation) prior to their stay.

Pets: The Guest may only bring such pets as are booked in by the Guest at the time of booking. A charge will be made per pet, per night, payable to the Owners directly. Pets must be well-behaved and should not be left unattended in the property. They are not permitted in the bedrooms or on any furniture in the property. If damage or extra cleaning is caused by pets the Guest may be billed for that charge. We advise for the cabins a maximum of 1 medium/large or 2 small dogs, for the Shepherds Huts 1 small/medium dog. Please keep dogs on leads if need be as the area is not fully secured. We ask guests to respect that there may be others in the area. Please clean up after your pets at all times.

Guest Responsibility: The supervision of children, babies, dogs and any adults requiring care remains the responsibility of the Guest at all times, both inside and outside the accommodation. We particularly draw your attention to the mezzanine and the ladder, which should be lifted slightly and pulled out fully before use, ensuring both ladder feet are on the floor and level. We strongly suggest not using this with wet feet or socks that may slip. Come down as you would a ladder, with your body facing the ladder itself.

Guests should put all furniture etc back to where it was at the beginning of the rental period.

Guests should not leave any items at the property and, if left, the Owner has the right to charge for the removal, return or disposal of those items.

All persons forming the party of the Guest are responsible for the care of the Property and are expected to take reasonable care of it, turning off all unused items, and closing of property windows and external doors. Failure to comply could result in the named persons (jointly and/or severally) being held responsible for the cost of losses and damage incurred in the event of a burglary (or other) whilst the property is unoccupied. At the end of the rental period, all utensils, furnishings, walls, and fittings must be left clean and tidy. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times, including any communal facilities, play equipment and the hot tub area. The Guest is responsible for leaving the property in good order and in a reasonably clean condition.

Damage, Loss, Theft: Guests agree to inform Owners of any damage or loss however caused, excluding reasonable wear and tear incurred during occupation. Guests should not remove any item from the property. The Owner may ask for reasonable replacement costs. In the instance of damage the Agency reserves the right to reimburse the Owner automatically via the payment method provided at booking. We politely ask shoes are removed inside the property.

Lost Property: Alfriston Woodland Cabins are not liable for any of the client’s lost property. Reasonable effort will be made by Alfriston Woodland Cabins to inform the lead guest of any lost property items that are found by the housekeeping staff. Lost property will be held by Alfriston Woodland Cabins for a period of 1 month, after this time the items will be disposed of. An administration fee of £10 plus postage and packaging may be charged to the guest to cover the handling of lost property. Alfriston Woodland Cabins does not accept any responsibility returning lost items.

Fire Safety: For the safety and comfort of our guests smoking or vaping is not permitted inside the Property at any time. Non-compliance will result in a forfeit of any security deposit and guests could be asked to leave without refund. The use of candles in the property is not permitted. We ask that when inside the property, guests leave the key in the front door to ensure a fast and safe exit from the apartment should a fire start or the alarms sound.  No fires should be made in the firepit area without the hire of the firepit itself as it poses a fire risk.

Outages: The owners are not responsible for any outages such as power, Internet, water and will notify any guests where they themselves have received prior notification. The owner shall pay no compensation or refunds for outages outside of their control.

Nuisance: Guests should not cause nuisance or annoyance to occupants of any nearby property.

If, in the opinion of the Agent/Owner, any person is not suitable to continue their occupation of the property because of unreasonable behaviour, distress, damage or nuisance to other parties, the contract may be treated by the Agent/Owner as discharged and the Agent/Owner may repossess the property immediately. The Guest will remain liable for the whole cost of rental and no refund shall be due, nor shall the Owner pay any compensation or refunds.

Access: Guests must allow reasonable access to the property by the Agent/Owner for maintenance given reasonable notice.

Alcohol: A Premises Licence is in place for the sale of alcohol between the hours of 10:30 and 20:00. No sales will be completed outside of these times, but you may order via email/text or as part of your original booking, these orders will be fulfilled between licenced hours. The Owners reserve the right to decline any request for the sale of goods and observe a strict age verification policy.

The premises will operate an age verification policy set at a minimum of 25 years (e.g. “Challenge 25”) whereby any person attempting to buy alcohol who appears to be under the specified age e.g. 25 will be asked for photographic ID to prove their age. The recommended forms of ID that will be accepted are passports, official Photographic Identity Cards issued by EU states bearing a hologram or ultraviolet feature, driving licences with a photograph, photographic military ID or proof of age cards bearing the ‘PASS’ mark hologram.

Signage advertising the age verification or ‘Challenge 25’ policy will be displayed in the premises.

Car charging: We offer electric car charging via the charging point only, no other method can be used. This is via invitation only and incurs a per kwh charge which can be confirmed before charging.

Wildlife: We live in a rural area, therefore expect to meet some wildlife, including the odd spider, mouse, bird, fly, bee, wasp or other creature, which may make their way into a property unbeknownst to the Owner. Spiders in particular are not considered to be a pest and consume up to 2000 other insects per year. If this is likely to be a problem, it would be best not to book. (If any of these creatures are encountered, do not panic, but contact the Owner in a calm and reasonable way – but only if the creatures become a serious menace. Otherwise, just open a window or a door and let them out, as this is usually what they prefer.) Owners reserve the right to take no action if they do not consider the existence of the wild life to be a serious threat to health.

Complaints: The Owner inspects the standard of facilities in all properties on a regular basis but cannot accept responsibility for any changes made by the Owners since the inspection, or failure by the Owner to keep the property dry, clean, safe, and in good repair or to have all the items mentioned on the website.

Property descriptions and all details both written and verbal are given in good faith and believed to be correct, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Property details may vary over time from photographs and descriptions on the websites.

Disputes: No complaints can be considered unless notified during the Guest’s stay in the property. It is the duty of Guests to minimize any loss to them and therefore it is their responsibility to inform the Owner at the earliest possible opportunity of any problem. We will do our utmost to resolve issues as and when they may occur from time to time.

Liability: The Owner cannot accept responsibility for any material loss, damage, additional expense or inconvenience directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of the property, its plumbing, electrical services, WiFi connection or exceptional weather.

No responsibility is accepted for loss or damage of property, (including pets), vehicles or vehicle contents belonging to the Guest or any member of the party during their occupancy.

The maximum liability accepted by the Owner will be the total cost of the holiday as paid by the Guest. No other expenses such as travelling costs or alternative accommodation will be accepted.

If you notice damage in the property please let us know immediately so that we can take appropriate action. If there have been any breakages during your stay, we would be grateful if you could advise us before you leave. We would expect guests to pay any additional costs caused by guest misuse of equipment or damage of any kind.

Nothing in this clause or these terms will limit the Owners liability for death or personal injury caused by the gross negligence of the Owners. Subject to the preceding sentence, the Owners accept no liability whatsoever for death, personal injury, accidents, loss or damage, to persons or personal belongings howsoever else caused. The use of the Property, its amenities including the shared facilities are at the guests own risk. The Owners cannot accept liability for the sudden failure of equipment at the Property but will take immediate and reasonable action to rectify any such failure upon notification by the Guest.

The owner is not liable for any accident or injury occurring at the premises save where the accident or injury is as a result of the negligence or wilful misconduct of the owner.

The guest should not engage any third party to provide any service at the property without the consent of the owner (and where relevant the owner’s insurers) and that in making a request for consent, the guest should provide written details of the service provider (and any information requested by the owner’s insurers) and the service to be provided and that consent will only be given where the third party supplier has appropriate insurance cover and has provided information relating to the insurance that is required.

The owner will not accept liability for the activities of third party suppliers and where you make a suggestion or recommendation of a particular third party supplier, that will be based on the genuine belief and experience of the owner / or feedback received by the owner from other guests / contacts, and the owner shall not be liable for the failure of a particular service provider to properly perform the relevant services, this being a matter between the guest and the relevant third party service provider.

Cancellation by Owners: The Owner reserves the right to refuse any booking and to cancel any bookings already made if the property is unavailable (eg through fire, flood, etc) for any reason whatsoever, subject to a full refund of all monies paid (but no further liability). There is no other liability if such cancellation occurs. Note: in the unlikely event of a cancellation the Owner will make every possible effort to secure alternative accommodation if required.

No Smoking or Vaping: The Owners have a No Smoking/No Vaping policy within properties.

Force Majeure: The Owner cannot accept responsibility or liability for any alterations, delay or cancellation or any other loss or damage caused by war, civil strife, terrorist action, industrial disputes, fire, sickness, bad weather, epidemics, acts of any government or public authority, building or construction within the community, loss of power, or any other event outside our reasonable control.

Covid Specific: Although restrictions are now lifted and you are not legally required to self isolate if you test positive for Covid 19, the government advice is you should still stay at home if you can and avoid contact with other people. As with any other illness guests should take out travel insurance to cover all eventualities.

Waiver: The failure of the Owner to enforce or exercise, at any time or for any period of time, any term of, or any right pursuant to this agreement does not constitute and shall not be construed as a waiver of such term or right.

Miscellaneous: The Guest agrees that the contract with the Owner is made at the Owner’s premises and that any proceedings between the parties shall be conducted in the County Court nearest to the Owner.

Governing Law: These terms and conditions are subject to and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of England and all parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. If any provision hereof is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable under any present or future laws, such provision shall be fully severable and the terms and conditions herein shall be construed and enforced as if such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision had never been made a part hereof. The remaining provisions herein shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be affected by such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provisions or by their severance here from.